Basic Guide to Repairing Your Driveway

Get the Help of an Asphalt Company

You have just realized that your driveway is in need of repair. You are thinking about the best way to go about this with minimal amount of work and time wasted. Fortunately, you can call up an asphalt company! They will be able to come out right away, assess the damage, and give you a quote for repairs. If it sounds like something that is perfect for what you are looking for, read on below to find out more information on Asphalt Repair and how the company can help make your life easier.

The first thing you need to do is get a quote! Most companies offer free estimates, so don’t worry about having to pay anything. They will come out and assess the damage that needs repaired. Next they will let you know how much it would cost for them to fix it with either asphalt or concrete. You can choose what type of material you want used when making repairs which means your driveway could be back in business sooner than later if needed!

Asphalt Repair

Finally before starting any work, make sure all debris such as rocks and dirt has been removed from the area. This ensures proper repair adhesion and also makes future upkeep easier on your part because there won’t be anything left behind once they are done working their magic! Once everything is clear then we recommend using steel to make repairs. The steel will help with any future settling or shifting in the ground that may occur in the future due to weathering and other natural factors.

Once everything is set, companies can start making repairs by creating a base for your driveway using asphalt or concrete depending on what material you chose earlier. Next they fill up all cracks along the surface of your driveway that are wider than an eighth of an inch! If there aren’t very many then patching them could be enough instead if it’s just one here and there throughout the area being repaired. When this step is complete, all loose gravel should also have been removed so clean up time begins which takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour depending on how much debris needs picking up!