The 3B-4C Braiding Techniques

The Girls’ Guide to Creating Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Braiding hair can be an intimidating task. Whether you’re a hairstylist or braider, there are so many different techniques to learn and master. But even with all the options out there, 3b – 4c hair is still one of the most popular types of braids in the world. It’s not hard to see why either! This type of braid offers long-lasting styles that are perfect for special occasions, but they also have major benefits for natural hair care too. We’ll go over three excellent braiding techniques that work well on 3b – 4c hair types, so make sure that you have your wave shampoo and conditioner and let’s go!

Wave Shampoo And Conditioner

What are the three best braiding techniques for natural hair?

To answer this question, we’ll go over three different styles that work well on African American and black types of hair. These braid patterns include: The Classic French Braid , Crown Braids , And Dutch Side Plait . Each one has their own unique style while still offering incredible benefits to your strands! All these styles can be protective or just simply beautiful looks for everyday wear. If you’re looking into learning how to do some new twists on your tresses, then continue reading below! We’ve included step by step tutorials with each technique so you don’t have to worry about getting lost along the way. Let’s explore what makes them stand out from other options!

What are the benefits to each of these braiding techniques?

The Classic French Braid – This is one of the oldest types of braid designs that have ever been done. It’s easy to do, but it also offers a lot of protection for your hair throughout the day or night! Braids like this reduce stress on strands while still offering an elegant look perfect for any party setting. Crown Braids – If you’re looking into getting front row at Coachella this summer then crown braids are right up your alley! These styles offer quick styling with beautiful results in minutes. They can be worn either high or low depending on preference and how much room you want them too take up in your daily routine.