What Is an Access Control System

Reasons for Considering an Access Control System: Protect Assets, Keep Employees Safe and Ensure Compliance

An access control system is a security measure that restricts entry to an area, or grants permission for someone to enter. The most common type of access control system is the keycard-based card reader that unlocks doors and gates with a code after swiping. Other types of commercial access control systems are biometric systems (fingerprint readers), retina scanners, facial recognition software, voice recognition software, and hand geometry readers. Access control systems can be automated or still require a human to monitor. They are typically labeled as active and passive, which means the degree of automation in each one varies according to how much it must depend on manual intervention.

Another type of access control system is the total lockdown. This typically occurs when there are threats to national security such as terrorist attacks and natural disasters that require critical infrastructure shut down for safety purposes. These systems use a number of security measures, like doors being locked from inside or outside and also video surveillance on all entrances. The most important parts of these types of access control systems are communication channels between relevant agencies so they can coordinate efforts in case an incident happens at any point during their shift.

Commercial Access Control Systems

An alternative form to this would be the passive lockdown where only basic functionality takes place within the site with no human intervention required until it’s safe enough to resume activity again without threat. For example, if a building had CCTV cameras that continued to record all activity without any other functions, this would be considered a passive lockdown.

Access control system is an important part of security and safety measures everyone should take into consideration when establishing infrastructure for events or public spaces. Since restricting access to certain areas can completely block the potential threat from entry, it’s necessary to find ways to effectively monitor all possible entrances as much as you can regardless of where they are in order to ensure maximum protection at every step along the process. Knowing what types of access control systems there are and how each one works will help create a better plan for your next event while learning about new technology that becomes available regularly is also very beneficial so you always have some information on hand just case something happens unexpectedly!