Listen To Finest Tunes Wherever You Are

The power of music has been long-recognized. It’s a therapeutic experience and can make you happy or sad depending on the lyrics, tone and tempo. Before radio became widespread in homes across America, people purchased sheet music so they could perform songs for family members with their own instruments at home (think piano). Music was also used to bring families together as they sang along either live or by playing records when it came time to eat dinner each night.

Music is still an important part of our lives today and Soundboosted platform discuses further about the importance of music! We listen to tunes while we work out; download new tracks from iTunes before bedtime; and carry speakers around wherever we go for some tunes during lunch breaks at work or the occasional picnic outdoors. The options are endless thanks to smartphone technology and the fact that music is just as much a part of our lives today, if not more so.


Music Genres: Looking for music genres to add to your playlist? Here are some of the best types of songs you should be listening to.

Alternative: If you’re someone who enjoys rock and electronic sounds, this is a great choice that has been growing in popularity over recent years due to its unique blend. You’ll find an upbeat tempo with lots of bass so it’s perfect for those days where nothing seems right but you need something fast-paced on which to focus your energy.

Blues: Blues tunes can help ease stress levels as they have calming melodies that tend not only make people feel relaxed; they also offer hope since these slow jams often tell stories about life experiences or emotions felt by artists when writing their lyrics (for example heartbreak). This is a great genre if you want to unwind or have some music playing in the background while talking on the phone.

Jazz: Who doesn’t enjoy jazz? It’s one of those genres that can be listened to over and over again without ever growing dull because it has so many styles including swing, big band, ragtime and more.